Sonic the Hedgehog is Now A Lot Blockier Thanks to New Minecraft DLC

A New Sonic the Hedgehog game is playable in Minecraft as part of the franchise’s ongoing 30th anniversary celebration. The Minecraft Sonic DLC pack will allow players to unlock environments from the Sonic universe while navigating obstacles and bosses to collect rings.

The Sonic social media account revealed the Minecraft collaboration earlier today. The teaser video, which you can see just below, showed Sonic and friends in the blocky style we’ve come to associate with Minecraft.

The DLC pack features famous locations such as the Green Hills Zone and Chemical Plant Zone, as well as iconic characters like Knuckles and Tails. The DLC will let players “collect rings, dash past obstacles, defeat bosses and build momentum” en route to a high score.

As part of the celebration, Minecraft is planning a special server event featuring mini-games and a “few festive surprises.” Fans are also encouraged to check back regularly during the weekends.

The DLC is part of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary celebration, which will also include the release of a Sonic Colors remaster. Sega is also planning a new game, rumored to be named Sonic Rangers. It will be out in 2022.

Kat Bailey is a Senior News Editor at IGN.

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