Super Monkey Ball and Wolfenstein 3D collide in this fan game •

No, you read that right, there’s now a fan game combining Super Monkey Ball and Wolfenstein 3D. It wouldn’t be the top of my list for potential crossovers, but somehow, it works.


Made by Nickireda and published on, Return to Castle Monkey Ball is a free browser game that lets you smash Nazis in a hamster ball to your heart’s content. So yes, it’s the perfect antidote to last week’s news. The fan game has the classic Super Monkey Ball timer, goal and banana collection mechanics, but smacking into Nazis can earn you extra time… if you can avoid getting shot by them first. You only get three lives to make it through the stages, but there are health item pickups along the way to help you through.

I gave the first few levels a go and it’s a truly bizarre collision of worlds, while moving around the maze can be rather trippy. My main tip: don’t let those Nazis box you in.

While there are only eight stages, you can always bump the difficulty up to “I am death incarnate” if you want to make life difficult for yourself. That sure sounds like a speedrun challenge to me.

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