The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 9-Bang is so powerful, it's sending players straight into the apocalypse

If you’re playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, you’ll know all about the 9-Bang.

9-Bangs blind your enemies, making them sitting ducks for a kill. If you hit them with a fully-charged 9-Bang, then they’re sitting ducks for ages. They’re a hugely popular tactic in the multiplayer portion of the game, whether it’s traditional multiplayer or Blackout, the battle royale. When you’re 9-Banged, it looks like this:


Treyarch has already nerfed the 9-Bang once, making it significantly more cumbersome. But it is still for many players the scourge of the game, and has become something of a running joke in the community.

The 9-Bang debate levelled up this week when Treyarch released a significant balance update for Black Ops 4, but the 9-bang emerged unscathed. In response, the Call of Duty community took it upon itself to do a proper meme number on Call of Duty’s most-hated piece of equipment – and if you’re playing COD right now, as I am, some of the results are pretty funny.

The latest meme appears to have kicked off with a video by redditor ddddiscopanda, who spliced a clip of someone being 9-Banged in a Blackout match with the opening of Skyrim.

Todd Howard…You’ve done it again from r/Blackops4

From Skyrim to Fallout for this next victim.

Sorry for stealing your clip and idea /u/ddddiscopanda but I had to do my own twist on it… from r/Blackops4

Here, someone is 9-Banged straight into the apocalypse.

9-Banged Straight Into The Apocalypse from r/Blackops4

And here, a 9-Bang sends someone back into the original Black Ops.

When the 9 bangs are so powerful, they send you back to the original Black Ops from r/Blackops4

Treyarch is getting it in the neck right now over Black Ops 4’s microtransactions and Black Market progression, but it’s good to see the community is still having a laugh when it comes to the 9-Bang. The question is, will Treyarch give the people what the people want, and pop the 9-Bang’s bubble?

While we wait to find out, perhaps this is our only option against the 9-Bang scourge:

How to properly counter a 9-bang like a pro from r/Blackops4

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