The original Shadow Warrior is now free on GOG

Cult classic 1997 first-person shooter Shadow Warrior is now free on GOG.


Developed by 3D Realms, of Duke Nukem fame, Shadow Warrior is a similarly politically incorrect piece of 90s pop culture. Starring a legendary ninja assassin named Lo Wang, Shadow Warrior pits players against Yakuza goons and the demons they summon in a comically ultra-violent blend of firefights, first-person sword fighting, and a dash of kung-fu. It also has vehicles, which was quite the feature back in the 90s.

This free release even includes Shadow Warrior’s two expansions: Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.

These days Shadow Warrior is best known for its 2013 re-imagining by Hard Reset developer Flying Wild Hog. We quite liked the direction the Polish studio took the series in. This loose remake was so successful that it spawned its very own original sequel, Shadow Warrior 2, which launched last year.

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