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There’s plenty of content to chew through in the latest and last entry in the current Witcher tale, but as well as packing in a huge number of main quests, side quests and contracts, the game also contains an intimidating collection of potions and magical enhancements for you to craft.

In this Witcher 3 guide, we’re going to break down all of the nitty-gritty details into sections that you can easily dip into, find exactly what you need, and then go back to exploring the game. We’ve laid out all of the potions in the game, for example, and explained what you need to grab in order to craft them, and where you can find those ingredients. Perhaps you’re developing a worrying addiction to Gwent instead? We’ll explain how to track down every card for your collection.


If you’re looking for more specific help with a tricky section of the game, you’ll find links to our main quest and regional walkthroughs further on down the page. We’ll also be updating this article rapidly in the days following the game’s launch, so check back soon if there’s something that takes your fancy, but isn’t quite yet finished.

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Using Signs in The Witcher 3

You’ll pick up the basics of combat very early on during the tutorial phase of the game, but Geralt’s magical Signs aren’t explained quite as clearly. It’s worth getting to grips with these early on, as the interface can be a bit fiddly, and it pays to memorise what each Sign does, and where it lies on the interface wheel.

To kick things off then, here’s a quick look at every Sign in the game.

How to make the most of the Aard Sign

The Aard Sign is particularly useful for shunting enemies out of the way. Think of it like a telekinetic shove and you’ve got a good idea of how it works. As well as staggering enemies so that you can prepare to unleash a devastating volley of damage, you can also use this special power to blast through barricades or weakened sections of environment.

If you’re struggling to gain access to an area you know you should be able to reach for your quest, try flinging a bit of Aard around to see if that gets the job done.

How and when to use the Axii Sign

The Axii Sign inflicts a sort of mind-control effect against your opponent. If you think someone’s going to give you a particular headache in a brawl, consider throwing Axii their way to keep them out of action for a few moments. You can also use this skill during certain conversations if you want to sway someone’s line of thinking.

Using Igni correctly

As you might have guessed from the name, the Igni sign is Geralt’s most important damage-dealing spell. Fire this up and you’ll be able to unleash a living blaze against the enemies in front of you, one which can even inflict a burning effect that causes the target to take extra damage over time.

When to Quen

Quen can save your life in a desperate situation by surrounding Geralt in a protective bubble. Note that it will only typically give you a single get-out-of-jail-free card. After a single hit, you’ll likely need to re-apply the spell to continue receiving its benefits.

Slow your enemies with Yrden

If you fire off a blast of Yrden, you’ll notice that a circle appears around the casting vicinity. Anything that wanders into the radius of this circle will be slowed down a little, making it much easier for you to dance around them and pick them off at your leisure. It’s great for fights with multiple enemies, so always keep it handy for a big brawl.

– The next part of our guide explains how to craft every Witcher 3 – Alchemy item.

– To find all of our help for the game, take a look at our Witcher 3 walkthrough.

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