TSMC Preps for 3nm Risk Production

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. said this week that it would significantly increase its capital expenditures this year as it needs to build and equip new fabs to ramp up its existing and next-generation leading-edge process technologies. Demand for advanced fabrication nodes is on the rise. In Q4 2020, revenue for N5 (5 nm) and N7 (7 nm) technologies accounted for nearly half of TSMC’s revenue, so it makes a great sense for the manufacturer to continue investing in leading-edge capacities. Furthermore, as Apple and Intel plan to increase orders to TSMC, the foundry will also need more capacity.

TSMC to Spend Up to $28 Billion on Production Facilities in 2021

TSMC’s management plans to spend from $25 billion to $28 billion on capital expenditures in 2021, the world’s largest contract maker of semiconductor announced this week. 

(Image credit: TSMC)

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