WandaVision episode 8 review: “Wanda’s grief on full show”

Warning: this WandaVision episode 8 review contains spoilers. If you have not watched the Disney Plus show yet, then bookmark this page and come back when you’re all caught up…

Marvel may have just delivered the most traumatic Clip Show of all time. That’s not a sentence I thought I would be writing in a WandaVision review, but here we are, at the penultimate episode of this excellent series that, despite Kevin Feige’s warning, really is weirder than anyone could have imagined.

“Previously On” takes us back through the motions of Wanda’s devastating life, showing us step-by-step how the most powerful person in the MCU came to brainwash an entire village. There was a mild chance, perhaps a few episodes back, that Wanda would become simply another “Unstable Powered Woman” – a classic fictional trope that sees a woman turn bad because they have too much power. However, showrunner Jac Schaeffer has made sure that’s not the case with Wanda, explicitly deep-diving into every specific moment that affected Wanda. Grief over her parents, Pietro, and Vision – the power hasn’t led Wanda down this path, but the sheer tragedy she has lived through. And seeing those events unfold does not make for easy watching. 

WandaVision episode 8

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Agatha uses her magic to transport them back through time and the first magical door leads them to a Sokovian flat where a young family makes the most of their terrible situation. Papa brings out a selection of American sitcoms and Mama looks out the window to the war-torn town below. Anyone who has seen Age of Ultron knows what comes next. An explosion and the parents are killed, leaving Wanda and Pietro to stare at a Stark Industries missile that should have gone off were it not for Wanda’s innate abilities.

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